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Degen Haus is a place that should have been here years ago. Are you sick of teddy bear/dog/cat memes and other regurgitated cyrpto-themes? Time for something unique and different. That’s where Degen Haus comes in!


On the face of it, we may look like a noisy, raucous, carefree, casual, cheery bunch of people. And we are! But underneath the veneer of this laid back front, we are a serious bunch of investors, developers and administrators whose only aim is to make Degen Haus one of the most recognized decentralized exchanges not only on Fantom but across a lot of other chains.
Our passion is perhaps best captured in this impromptu message from Dr. Haus (one of our investors) to the Telegram group early in the project's existence:
I want you guys to remember as we sail this ship to the land of FREEDOM. The ability to discover ourselves and do what we want. We may be the captains on this ship but you as the community are the wind in our sails, you are the ocean, you are the ship. Without THIS BADASS COMMUNITY, we are nothing. The most integral part of this entire project IS YOU - YES, YOU READING THIS! You are what this is about. WE are strong together and WE ARE GONNA MAKE IT!!

Why Degen Haus?

Let's get right down to business. There are many DEXes out there. Even just on the Fantom chain. Why should I choose Degen Haus over any of the others? The team at Degen Haus thought long and hard about this long before any actual coding started.
The problem with most farms and DEXes is that they run one native token which is constantly dumped by sell-pressure from farms that aren't native to that platform. An example: a large user (whale) of a farm wants to farm FTM/USDC being rewarded in the native token, let's call that token $X. They get rewarded $X for providing liquidity and then immediately dump it straight back on the market as they have no incentive to hold it. After several repeats of the same cycle, you get a never-ending farm and dump process.
This is why, instead of one, we have decided to allocate three tokens to this project. This neatly circumvents the 'farm and dump' problem and makes holding our native token a genuine pleasure without the fear of being used as someone else's farming punching bag.
$DOPE is considered to be our native token. It has a fixed supply of 100 billion and is deflationary via burns. It is our party reward currency, it can be traded on the market, it is used in our highest multiplier farms and has a number of future use cases related to single-staking, gaming and NFTs, but it is NOT the farming token. As a result of this $DOPE is not subject to the effects of regular dumping by large liquidity providers that most native tokens suffer from.
$TRIP is our reward token and can also be single-staked in an automatic or manual pool to generate more of itself. The supply of $TRIP is not capped, however, the team has designed measures and protocols to ensure that its growth is sustainable and controllable to prevent a price collapse. As $TRIP is not the native token, as its supply is not capped (but rather carefully controlled), as it has a governance role, as it is used as a payment token for inter- and intra-chain partnerships, as it has use-cases involving gaming and NFTs and as it can be paired with $DOPE to farm more $TRIP, it is ensured that the community can enjoy a sustained and valuable long-term outlook for the reward token, $TRIP.
Finally $BLOW, which has not yet been released, is envisaged to be a limited-supply, high-price deflationary token with a host of use-cases in the pipeline.


The idea for Degen Haus kind of just happened, talking sh*t over a bowl, "what if ... you know?" I mean, who doesn't want to have a bank selling bags of blow? We wanted a place where all the degenerates could feel at home.
The second time me and Charlie got high we smoked a half ounce of $DOPE between us- safe to say we blew the hinges off the gateway drug. We started growing and selling our own pretty quick: cones, notes and burner phones, man. And f*ck yeah we smoked the product! We didn’t walk or stagger ay - we billowed places under a permanent cloud, red eyes like f*ckin’ laser beams. We were makin’ bank, too; spending most of it on munchies and Xbox games but I mean, we were kids. It was a pretty good gig.
Of course, the problem with $DOPE is you’re still you, still earthbound and anchored, you know? But $TRIP, man…. every $TRIP is a f*ckin’ red pill- welcome to the real, motherf*cker, ready or not. I’ve seen the origami universe unfold, man - I’ve seen the third dimension undone. I’ve heard the baseline beat in 4/4 time - that chemical chant that drives the tides to paint the trees green and bones red - and it’s the same f*ckin’ river, man, it’s just… folded up. Like, we’re all lookin’ at the world inside out … you know? Nah, you don’t get it, not yet. You wanna understand? The truth? Find a beanbag and take a $TRIP, man.
Now $TRIP will show you the truth, and that’s beautiful, but hey - trust me - you don’t want an existential crisis every Friday night. You wanna party! And if you wanna party? If you wanna float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and f*ck like a horse? You want $BLOW. There’s nothin’ like it, man. Oh, and you wanna be rich? Deal $BLOW. You want literal f*cking porn-stars suckin’ your d*ck just for somethin' to do? Trust me. Trust me… $BLOW.
Let me lay it out for you: $DOPE will free your mind, $TRIP will free your soul, and $BLOW will crank your body into f*ckin’ overdrive... And there you have it, man: the holy trifecta.
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