The Stash Haus

Stake $TRIP to earn $TRIP


Stake your $TRIP reward tokens to earn more $TRIP reward tokens

How to stake/unstake

To stake, follow the instructions here. To unstake, follow the instructions here.

Auto TRIP pool

What is the Auto TRIP Bounty

This applies only to the Auto TRIP pool. This bounty is given as a reward for providing a service to other users. Whenever you successfully claim the bounty, the Auto TRIP pool’s compounding function is activated for everyone.
The current value of the bounty
The bounty is calculated as 0.25% of all Auto TRIP pool stakers' pending yield

When does the Auto TRIP pool compound happen?

  1. 1.
    When the bounty is claimed
  2. 2.
    When a deposit to or withdraw from this pool is made

Performance fees for the Auto TRIP pool

A performance fee of 2% is subtracted from your earnings each time the pool is automatically compounded. The $TRIP collected via the unstaking fee and performance fee is burnt every week as part of the regular $TRIP token burns.

Unstaking fee for the Auto TRIP pool

An unstaking fee of 0.1% applies if you unstake within 3 days of staking. Unstaking thereafter does not incur any fee. The 3-day timer resets every time you stake more $TRIP in the Auto TRIP pool.

Why is the return given as APY instead of APR for the Auto TRIP pool?

The Auto TRIP pool is compounded multiple times a day. This means that every time a compounding event happens, the reward earned up to that point in time is added to the staked amount. The next compounding event therefore yields a reward earned on this bigger staked value. As a result of this, the compounding frequency needs to be taken into account when calculating the yield. Here is a useful APY calculator.

Manual TRIP pool

Staking in the manual pool deposits DEGENbar tokens in your wallet. Read more about these here.

General questions about Stash Haus pools (for the future)

I can't find the The Stash Haus Pool I was staking in!

You should be able to find the The Stash Haus Pool under the “Finished” tab on the The Stash Haus Pools page.
By selecting “Staked Only”, it will make it easier to find your assets.

Why did my earned tokens go to zero after staking/unstaking?

Don’t worry! They’re in your wallet already.
Whenever you stake or unstake from a The Stash Haus Pool or farm, your earned tokens get harvested and sent to your wallet. As they are in your wallet and no longer staked in the pool, the pool value appears as zero.

How is APR for The Stash Haus Pools calculated?

APR = Annualized rewards (USD) / User funds staked in The Stash Haus Pool (USD) * 100
As a basic example, let's take a 60-day pool with 300,000 USD worth of rewards, and 3,000,000 USD worth of TRIP staked in it.
The APR fluctuates as more $TRIP is staked by users and the price of $TRIP itself fluctuates.​


Total rewards to distribute (USD value)
​300,000 USD
Distribution period
60 days
Daily distribution
300,000 / 60 = 5,000 USD daily
Annualised rewards (USD value)
5,000 * 365 = 1,825,000 USD
Value of $TRIP staked by users in pool (USD value)
3,000,000 USD
(1,825,000 / 3,000,000) * 100 = 60.833% APR

What does the “End” number on my The Stash Haus Pool refer to?

This shows the number of blocks left until the rewards for that pool stop being distributed. Once the pool has reached that block, you should unstake your tokens, because you won’t be receiving any rewards after that.