NFT: Tick Tok to Splifftoff ($DOPE)

Early-adopter NFT related to $DOPE
Price: 42 FTM
Availability: only 300; public sale ended on 31.01.2022
Limitations: maximum 2 NFTs per wallet
Contract: 0xA777D6f2a9d73Fdf3123CAB9b08acAE688e71512
Degen Haus has its first NFT - Tick Tock to Splifftoff - available for purchase. This offer is only open until the end of January 2022.
This NFT grants you access to VIP parties, special competitions and earns you a daily bag of $DOPE (note: as more NFTs get sold, the size of the daily bag reduces).
If you miss out on our first release, then fear not as our second design will offer a great reward incentive as well.
Future use: This NFT will unlock bonus multipliers in the farms. There will also be other rewards and bonuses for owning an early adopter Tick Tock to Splifftoff NFT. These will be announced closer to the release date.