Our parties are the talk of the chain. Find out more about them!

What are parties?

Airdrops are SO last year ... nobody wants to register, wait weeks or months and hope to actually receive something. Nah, we don't roll like that. Join us in Telegram and hit one of our random Degen Parties, where we will bring a bag of the good stuff to split with all attendees, because sharing is caring, man.

VIP parties

Owning a Tick Tok to Splifftoff ($DOPE) NFT or a TripRAT ($TRIP) NFT gives you access to VIP parties. On account of the fact that only a limited number of NFTs are available, the share of the reward pot per head is bigger.

How often do parties take place?

We host up to 3 parties a day.

What is the schedule for the parties?

Rule #1 of Degen Haus: do not ask about the next party! There is no clock in the Degen Haus!

How long does a party last?

30 minutes.

What are the party rules?

When a party begins, we will pin the post on our Telegram group. Read the post carefully - it will contain instructions regarding the task you must perform. No two parties are the same. You will be asked to fill a form out to indicate that you have performed the required task. We will post warnings when the party is about to end. Once the party has ended, the form will be closed and submissions to the form will not be accepted. Finally, remember: cheating will not be tolerated!

What is considered cheating?

  1. 1.
    Deliberately submitting dead/broken/wrong links.
  2. 2.
    Using multiple wallets for the same Telegram handle.
  3. 3.
    Using multiple Telegram handles for the same wallet.
  4. 4.
    Using multiple Twitter handles for the same wallet or Telegram handle.
  5. 5.
    Repeatedly submitting bogus responses.
  6. 6.
    Taking part in a VIP party when you do not own an NFT which gives you access to VIP parties.

When is a wallet blacklisted?

  1. 1.
    When the wallet has been detected as cheating.
  2. 2.
    When the wallet has sold more $DOPE than is allowed.
  3. 3.
    When the wallet is detected as being part of a money-laundering racket/ring.
  4. 4.
    When the owner of the wallet is ejected from the Telegram group for exhibiting violent/hateful behavior.

How big is the party reward?

There is no fixed number. The reward pot for every party is the same and equally distributed to the legitimate participants of the party in question. Naturally, VIP parties have a lower attendance than regular parties and so the reward per head for a VIP party is typically larger than that for a regular party.

Can I sell my party rewards?

We give out $DOPE as a party reward. It is our intention that reward receivers hold on to their reward rather than immediately sell it. Immediately selling a reward generates sell pressure on the token which is counter-productive for Degen Haus as this makes it harder to attract new investors. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, we have set limits regarding how much reward $DOPE can be sold. These are:
The Haus reserves the right to change these percentages as it sees fit.

What happens if I sell too much $DOPE?

We have a sophisticated system in the backend which analyzes on-chain data. If a wallet is detected as selling too much $DOPE, it will automatically be blacklisted and barred from receiving party rewards until remedial measures have been taken.

Can I take my wallet off the blacklist after selling too much $DOPE?

Yes. First of all, approach one of the admin members on Telegram and ask them what needs to be done. They will then reply to you with a message which looks like:
Party income: 29077500; Non-party income: 4828519.9551645545; Total outgoing (excluding dead address): 25717044.5499172 (71.8374158533321% of party income); Minimum buy for unblacklisting: 12165274.594752643
The value marked in bold is the minimum amount of $DOPE that will be need to be bought in order for this wallet to be removed from the blacklist. Once the appropriate quantity of $DOPE has been purchased, the wallet will automatically be removed from the blacklist and may resume taking party in parties.

Can I sell $DOPE which I bought using my own crypto?

What you do with the $DOPE you bought using your own crypto is your own business. Hodl it, sell it, we don't care.

I took part in a party. Why have I not received a reward yet?

Please note that the sole purpose of our existence is not to conduct parties. We have a full-blown decentralized exchange to run, marketing to do, partnerships to take care of and a backend to run. On top of this, we host up to 3 parties a day. We receive hundreds of responses per party and before we can disburse funds, we need to weed out the cheats and incorrect responses. All of this costs a lot of time. Typically, we disburse bags once every 3 days.