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Quarter 4 2021

  • Design and implementation of Degen Haus eco-system
  • Initial investors group
  • Build Degen Haus exchange and farms
  • Create website
  • AMA on Telegram
  • Build content management system for project
  • Content Media Officer employed for project
  • SEO and linking
  • Animations media SVG files and other graphics
  • Start socials
  • Build up networking
  • Build the team from inside our existing community
  • Whitelisting on SpiritSwap on launch
  • Pre-launch tokens and distribute
  • Donkey Bong's tutorial videos
  • Apply to CMC and CG for listing

Quarter 1 2022

  • DEX launch after delayed testing
  • Pools and single staking of tokens
  • Establish an insurance wallet with a percentage of all $TRIP and $BLOW fees
  • Community support after launch
  • Upgrade server
  • Action quicknode for Degen Haus DEX
  • Update roadmap and whitepaper
  • Begin YouTube and Twitter push with known influencers
  • Actively promote farming opportunities with other projects
  • First official launch party with prizes and giveaways
  • Single sided $DOPE staking pool
  • Complete cross chain applications for native tokens
  • Start LP for first cross-chain expansion
  • Launch NFT profile system
  • Continued applications for listings
  • Launch high/low prediction game, where half of the haus takings get used for buyback and burn of $DOPE
  • Launch lottery game, using $TRIP as payment
  • Begin work on simple playable game using $DOPE as payment
  • Build LP for first cross-chain network
  • Launch $BLOW and release use-cases
  • Begin work on IL insurance for TRIP/FTM and TRIP/USDC pools; explore the possibility of $DOPE and $BLOW coverage
  • AMA on Telegram chat and Discord
  • Launch NFT marketplace
  • Featured artists in NFT Marketplace
  • Introduce AMA for other projects to talk about their future plans
  • Begin development of a complex playable NFT game, in which we are hoping to integrate $DOPE, $TRIP and $BLOW as payment methods for upgradeable equipment

Quarter 2 2022

  • Expand to second network
  • AMA on Telegram chat and Discord
  • Development of Degen Haus bridge
  • Build LP for additional networks
  • Continued YouTube and Twitter campaigns
  • Release of first Degen Haus playable game
  • Introduction of upgradeable NFT collections
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