Degen Haus Whitepaper

Graffiti Wall

Indoor Graffiti?? That's Real Classy!
Meet the team:
  • Devs
    • Cheyne: AKA Smokes Codes - Dev, admin, F*cking legend, the real brains that makes all this sh*t work
    • Me AKA Oldmate: Just a stoner guy with good mates, in the right place at the right time
  • Investors
    • Vicky: our honorary maSCOT
    • Brand: AKA Dr Tripps - Degen, admin, angel investor, ol' lantern balls
    • J: AKA Dr Haus - Degen, admin, angel investor, will eat your phone when drugged
    • Big Irish: AKA Lil tripod - Degen, admin, angel investor, the only man longer than he is tall
  • Admin
    • R$M$: AKA P Haze - Degen, admin, gif Gatlin and just a decent bloke all round
    • ZB: AKA Giggle Duster - Degen, admin, Kim Jong ZB, Verminator's keeper, Rose's dirty little secret
    • Yemtop: AKA the African legend - Degen, admin, gif Gatlin, keeps an entire continent satisfied
    • Euler: AKA The Lyrical Miracle - Degen, admin, silver-tongued monologue man
    • Leonard: AKA Pimp Daddy - Degen, admin, will stab you for your $DOPE bag
  • ????: ?????, ??????? (redacted)
  • YOU: AKA whatever the f*ck you want to go by - Degen, Legend, Mad c*nt!
The Team is large, hand picked and they all play an important role in making this work.
I might be the $DOPE man, but it's only through the hard work of the team (especially my brother from another mother, Cheyne) that we can keep on bringing those party baggies to you.
Party on dudes and dudettes 🤘